Cora is a seasoned bartender with extensive experience as both a regular shift and event bartender. She’s adaptable enough to cover a night mixing cocktails, rock a weekend rush at a dive, serve the late late crowd at an afterhours and can set up an effective event bar just about anywhere. She’s especially adept at being a part of a bar opening staff to get a new business off the ground and bringing in new ideas to raise attendance and bar sales.

Lot 77


Oct 2015-Nov 2015

6 week temporary Asian Fusion Gastropub- Brought on as part of emergency opening staff, come up with creative wine and sake cocktails, recommend food and drink pairings, help coordinate events

The Edge


Aug 2011-Sept 2012

Neighborhood bar featuring pool and darts- Make and maintain regulars, keep up with a busy weekend crowd, change kegs, clean and do dishes without the aid of a barback, could both open and close the bar alone

Pumps Bar


Aug 2012-March 2016

Club featuring a stage with dancers behind the bar- High volume, navigate behind a long crowded bar safely and efficiently while sharing the space with multiple dancers and bartenders, keep track of dance and champagne tokens, avoid buybacks, make sales minimums, accurately and quickly count large amounts of singles

The Red Room


Dec 2013-June 2014

Recently renovated speakeasy serving classic and custom cocktails-Design custom cocktails for each character in burlesque show, mix cocktails, serve opening and closing crowd while both performing and managing other performers/waitresses, bring in a younger crowd to an older already established bar