We are a community owned business run and staffed primarily by femmes currently specializing in sexy event production. Our main focus is on our Goddess Lounge, Erotic Gallery and Late Night Events but our repertoire has also included Interactive Strip Theatre, Sex Worker Spa Nights, Artistic Lap Dances as well as private Birthday, Bachelor/Bachelorette and After Parties! You can check out our RSVP page and social media to keep track of our upcoming appearences. If you have inquires about booking entertainers for a special occasion or to arrange throwing an exclusive affair email us at smokeandcommerce@gmail.com. We are capable of organizing seductive soirees ranging from small, intimate get-togethers to larger functions of up to approximately 100 guests!

Our goals include building community, raising awareness for issues faced by people working in the nightlife and sex industries and experimenting with payment systems that fiscally empower rather than exploit those who make their living in these fields. We believe that all of us deserve safe spaces to work, protection from criminalization and fair compensation for our skills and labor. We are committed to providing tools to help our team members grow professionally and financially in whatever means of making a living they pursue by providing training and experience in new areas, facilitating networking opportunities within our community, and offering resources to folks looking to start new businesses of their own. We also donate 10% of our profits to the Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective and Emergency Fund!