Dirty & Divine Fundraiser: Dance, Heal, Embody!




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Come honor the sacred and the profane at this special collaboration between Revere: Nights and Smoke & Commerce! During International Whore’s Day weekend, join us for this gathering of dance, healing, poetry and erotic performance. This event is also a fundraiser for causes that help support erotic professionals.


Space will be made for you, the attendee, to be in your body and in your fullest expression, whatever that is for you in the moment—ritual and ceremony will lead the way to ensure everyone feels safe in the container. Please come fed, of sound mind and heart, and ready to move and participate in a sensual space. (This is a safe, consent-educated environment.)


We’ll have kombucha and cava available for imbibing, and we welcome donations of additional beverages to share with the party. Bring plenty of cash to tip your bartenders/performers, and roses, feathers, chocolate, or other sacred items you’d like to place on the event altar or offer as tribute to these incredible embodiers.


We’ll begin with an opening ritual at 7 p.m. before we kick off embodiment experiences. Please arrive by 7 p.m. so you can feel fully integrated into the space (late attendees won’t be allowed entry into the ritual space, but may mingle in the front room and await performances).


Space will be limited. RSVP now! Pre-event admission: $20. Admission will be $25 at the door.


More info about the fundraiser: After a day at the Denver People’s Fair protesting the passage of SESTA/FOSTA, our community comes together to bring you an evening of healing, poetry, performance and dance to raise funds for Glits Inc, The Black SW Collective, SWOP Behind Bars, Red Light Resources International, Lysistrata MCCF and New Whoreizons.


This event is donation based for SWs, Click here if you have the secret SW RSVP code, email smokeandcommerce@gmail.com or message us on Facebook if you are a local SW and haven't received the code yet!